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Meet the team

We currently have a team of three at LAJ Promotions. We believe that having a smaller team is an asset to our agency for several reasons. One of these is that having a small amount of people allows us to streamline communication, which leads to quicker decision making and more efficient use of resources. Additionally, with a smaller team, it's easier for members to get to know each other and work more collaboratively. We've found that this allows for more efficiency in our work.

JeffRey Dickson


Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Jeffrey brings valuable finance and accounting expertise to LAJ Promotions, along with his exceptional decision-making abilities. He is a well-rounded member of the team, having studied business at Toronto Metropolitan University in Toronto, Ontario. Over the course of seven months, Jeffrey developed a business, gaining extensive knowledge in manufacturing, profit management, and marketing, resulting in over 100,000 subscribers to a YouTube channel. He kept all the financial aspects organized and accurate while balancing his university studies, demonstrating remarkable time management skills.

Liam VAlE


Liam is based in New York, New York. His natural skills in marketing are what sprouted his passion for business. He's grown 2 TikTok pages to over 100,000 followers each, both taking under a year, and has amassed over 600,000 followers total there. Additionally, Liam has recently grown a YouTube channel, which he started this past August, to over 120,000 subscribers and counting. All the while, Liam has been devoted to expanding his knowledge in the industry, and he plans to attend the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University this fall. Liam's dedication to his craft is a rare and priceless trait that makes him an asset to the team.

Carlos WASsOUF

Head of Marketing

Carlos is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is an experienced Media Buyer and Digital Marketing Specialist, having worked in the field for several years respectively. He is currently responsible for lead generation through Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. Carlos also has a background working for law offices and various local businesses in lead generation, bringing companies to the digital area. Carlos has worked with multiple agencies before joining LAJ Promotions, and his experience is extremely valuable to the team. These high-value skills and understandings make him a valued asset here at LAJ Promotions.